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  1. Hello, If you are banned from the server. Search your ban here (SourceBans) then appeal with the following format : Nick : Ban Link : Appeal :
  2. Hello! Welcome to LosersGaming Forum! Server Rules : Hacking : Hacking is not allowed in server. Use of aimbot/triggerbot/spinbot/wallhack etc that gives unfair advantage over other players will get you a permanent and immediate ban. Language/Behavior : Do not use abusive language in the server. An admin will silence you or ban you. Do not discuss political or religious matters in the server. Griefing : Griefing in the server gets you a 7 day ban. (A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game that goes out of his or her way to annoy other players). Griefing includes : Team Flashing - Throwing - Not giving calls/info - Spamming Mic/Radio or chat - Playing music/sounds through SLAM. Ghosting : Ghosting/Screening is not allowed in the server. Ghosting means taking information from your partner of other players. If you are on TeamSpeak3 or from Gaming Zones you should inform any admin before the selection of players. Please make sure to visit this page at least once a month. Regards, LosersGaming Team.
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