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  1. Language & Behavior : Do not use vulgar/abusive language in the server. Abusing will get you a permanent ban. 
  2. Hacking/Cheating : Any type of cheat or hack which gives you advantage over other players will get you a instant and permanent ban. 
  3. Griefing :  Griefing is not allowed, Griefing refers to act of ruining other player gaming experience. (Griefing includes : Throwing the game , Teamflashing , micspamming , AFK-ing intentionally)
  4. Ghosting : Ghosting or mostly known as "Screening" will get you a ban. Ghosting means : Giving information about opposite team enemies to your partner. If you are on TeamSpeak3 make sure to inform any admin before starting the match.
  5. Discussions No political or religious discussions in the server.
  6. Microphone & Spamming : Make sure to check your microphone levels, If your microphone is loud, An admin will inform you to fix it. If you do not fix it afterwards, An admin will issue a temporary "gag". Using Soundboards like "SLAM" is not allowed. It will result in a permanent gag.
  7. Requirements : 300 hours required to play in the server. No smurfs accounts allowed. 

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